Transnational Meeting & Training in Valencia

Smart Step celebrated the transnational partner meeting in Valencia from the 21st May to the 23rd of May

We’re thrilled to share highlights from our recent Smart Step partnership meeting in the stunning city of Valencia, Spain! From May 21st to 23rd, 2024, partners from around the globe gathered for our second face-to-face meeting to collaborate, learn, and plan for an exciting future.

Key Highlights

Day 1: Project Review and Planning

Morning Sessions:

  • Welcome and Introductions: We kicked off with a warm welcome from Mundus and UPV, followed by a review of our achievements and timeline by Mundus.
  • Work Based Learning Program (WP5): CEA-PME presented the Work Based Learning Program, leading discussions on stakeholder criteria and challenges. We explored how to integrate these programs into existing networks and engaged in working sessions on stakeholder engagement.

Afternoon Sessions:

  • Platform Workshop (WP4): Apodissi led a workshop on using our educational platform, including a training session on content uploading and exploring platform functionalities.
  • Next Steps: We concluded with discussions on the next administrative steps and summarized the day’s sessions.

In the evening, we enjoyed a cultural activity with a tour of Valencia’s city center, followed by a delightful dinner at María Mandiles.

Day 2: Training and Communication

Morning Sessions:

  • Communication Review: Mundus, along with all partners, reviewed our communication tasks, followed by a working session to plan future actions.
  • Work Based Learning Sessions (WP5): We had multiple mini-courses covering different modules and assessments, along with a review of materials and the e-learning platform.

Afternoon Sessions:

  • Work Based Learning Continued (WP5): Continued with sessions focused on more advanced modules and further assessments.

The day ended with some free time and dinner at the beach, providing a perfect setting for informal discussions and networking.

Day 3: Entrepreneurship and Incubators

Morning Sessions:

  • Startup Incubators Training: We started with training on setting up startup incubators, including insights on accelerator programs and mentoring entrepreneurial teams.
  • Visit to IDEAS-UPV: We visited the IDEAS-UPV facilities to learn about their mentoring program for entrepreneurs.

Afternoon Sessions:

  • Incubator Workshop: Conducted a workshop on creating incubators in our centers.
  • Wrap-Up: We closed the meeting with a session for final questions and comments.

Engaging Working Sessions

We conducted several hands-on working sessions to address key project areas:

  1. Setting Up and Monitoring Incubators in VET Schools
    • Implementation: Discussed how to implement incubators in our schools.
    • Needs: Identified resources and support required.
    • Challenges: Considered potential obstacles and how to overcome them.
  2. Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs
    • Key Programs: Highlighted important programs for entrepreneurs.
    • Best Practices: Shared inspiring examples and best practices.
  3. Training for Teachers and Students
    • Implementation: Explored how to roll out training programs in schools.
    • Needs: Determined the resources needed.
    • Challenges: Addressed potential challenges.
  4. Stakeholder Collaboration
    • Involvement: Identified key stakeholders to involve.
    • Valorization: Discussed how stakeholders can help achieve project goals.

Visit to IDEAS-UPV Facilities

A highlight of our meeting was visiting the IDEAS-UPV facilities. We learned about their comprehensive mentoring program for entrepreneurs. The insights gained will help shape our own mentoring initiatives.

Looking Ahead

As we wrap up this successful meeting, we’re excited and ready to tackle the next phase of our project. The connections we’ve strengthened and the knowledge we’ve gained will drive us forward.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined and contributed to this enriching gathering. Your dedication and teamwork are the driving forces behind the success of the Smart Step partnership.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey to create impactful educational and entrepreneurial opportunities!

This publication is co-funded by the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of the Smart Step partners and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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